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Female 4049
1Audra Marie Stanley01:13:56
2Lisa Hite01:16:17
3Robin Black01:16:52
4Candice Dietzman01:22:56
5Mary Ellen Crow01:23:41
6Kelly Whitley01:24:14
7Kathy Grissom01:24:19
8Sheila Martin01:32:01
9Anna Miles01:36:44
10Erica Werth01:38:37
11Shanna Miller01:39:45
12Patricia Shipman01:39:47
13Betty Wathall01:39:57
14Christine Kimball01:41:17
15Heather Coleson01:44:18
16Lisa Stephens01:46:31
17Jenn Montgomery01:46:32
18Sherry Gonzales01:48:47
19Shawna Weaver01:49:29
20Becky Duesman01:50:45
21Pam Begley01:50:51
22Anissa Wieck01:51:08
23Amy Faulkenbery02:03:35
24Marlys Williams02:05:06
25Katie Mills02:05:07
26Kelly Self02:07:41
27Amy Craig02:17:34
28Lanna Mayben03:18:50